Thursday, January 14, 2016

30 days sugar free: alkalizing the body and prepping for good choices

We are living in a very acidic world; it seems like nearly everything we do lowers our pH, and in a low pH internal environment, inflammation occurs, bad gut flora thrives, our bodies oxidize faster, and disease sets roots. Therefore eating an alkalized diet is a must to return the body to it's natural state of self-healing.

When I look at these two food charts it's easy for me to see why the new "food pyramid" and FDA recommendation is for 70-80% vegetables and fruits at every meal. That's no easy task, but the 30 days of sugar-free and Transform 30 program I embarked on this past Monday helps me alkalize my body.

I know that when I eat that way, my body feels better, I have more energy, I sleep better and wake up refreshed, I heal faster and generally don't get sick. When I am acidic, my joints hurt, I'm sluggish and unmotivated, and I've even gotten gout (as a vegetarian, that's pretty hard).

But even though I know better, eating right is no easy task, and stocking the refrigerator and cabinets with the right choices set me up for success.

At the beginning of the week I make sure I have prepared an arsenal of healthy snacks and I've decided on 4-5 healthy recipes and have the ingredients stocked.

Here are some of my existing favorite recipes, websites, and boards... and I'm excited to spend this month adding to the list!
New favorite - Vegan Enchiladas
Rainbow Pad Thai
Vegan Alfredo Zoodles
Kitchari - a staple for detoxing
SCD Processed-Free cooking
Vegan and GF Breakfasts
Food-Wise Choices board
Vegan eating board
Smoothies board

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