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Ten great homemade Green Cleaning solutions

We just switched the very last of our not-so-clean cleaning products (the wet swiffer's hardwood floor spray with water, vinegar and lemon essential oil), and it prompted me to share this. These solutions have been used for centuries until the last fifty years, and they do a better job, keep our lungs, minds, and skin happy and healthy, and well, are just plain cheaper!  Make the switch... Here are "The Basic Ten" products you can use to clean just about anything, courtesy of : 1) White vinegar: An antifungal that also kills germs and bacteria. 2) Baking soda: Eliminates odors and works as a gentle scouring powder. 3) Borax: T he common name for the natural mineral compound sodium borate, eliminates odors, removes dirt, and acts as an antifungal and possible disinfectant. Use with care around children and pets, as it can be toxic if swallowed. 4) Hydrogen peroxide (3% concentration): A great nontoxic bleach and stain remover, as well as a prove

Shooting the Moon [repost]

In preparation for the SuperMoon out this weekend, I thought it apt to share the post I read last year by Peter West Carey from the DPS !  Use low ISOs, long exposures, and definitely a tripod to capture that beauty tomorrow night (or tonight, or Sunday night!) First, remember the moon has its own Golden (or Magical) Hour for optimal effect. The Golden Hour for moon photography has a twist though. Because the moon’s rise and setting each night varies by nearly an hour each day, unlike the suns, you have to do a lot of planning ahead. Or just have dumb luck, look to the East and notice the moon is rising. If you prefer the planning route, this site from the US Navy provides both moon and sun rise and set times for any day or location you’d like, both US and International. And then using the graphical information at Full Moon , it’s easy to calculate the best time for shooting. A full moon rising usually gives the most dramatic shots as the moon is comin