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My switch to all natural Henna (part 4)

(Continued from parts 3 , 2 , 1 ) Like clockwork, my hair grows about 1/2 an inch per month, as it has since I started paying attention 20 years ago. So that leaves me with an inch of increasingly gray roots every 2 months, and thus, a much needed regular schedule.  With each passing month since my switch to Henna in October, I must say I love the product more and more.  And I am pretty sure my key goal - matching momma's truly natural color - has finally been succeeded; something I simply wasn't able to do with chemical dyes. Proof: while down in Florida this past week my mom's college roommate pulls her aside and says, "Wow, Andrea got your red hair!", like she didn't remember that from 15 years ago when I'd seen her last.  My mom (and I) chuckled... "Nope, she uses Henna."  Personal victory, accomplished. So what's new in my experience? Cleansing success Well, I've honed in on the bar I like for my hair. I think if you switch to