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Photographing Interiors

I recently began photographing interiors and stumbled across this excellent explanation (blog below) of light, marketing, portfolios, and more for those who want to branch out in their photography.  I learned many things while working my first gig with KBCabinets in Denver: 1. Always bring a tripod, and extra lighting if you have it, but tripod is essential if you don't. 2. Set the ISO to 800, interiors grain out at 1600 but interior light requires faster "film" speed than 400. 3. Take several shots of each setup, using the light meter to brighten the exposure, and using both trungsten and cloudy white balance settings to see what shots are better for that particular room- for me it seemed to change based on cabinet colors. 4. Get a polarized filter to reduce glare. 5. And take your time.... But for more... keep reading! Photography: Barbara White Photographers understandably put a huge amount of time and effort into their portfolios. They might not always do i