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Self Help Helps

Self helping yourself is a January tradition; as far back as I can remember at least, we've been making new years resolutions... with hopes to learn something new, live a healthier life, or clear something out. We diet, start jogging, quit smoking, learn a new language, listen to gurus, and we change; or we try to. All in one month. When February comes have we stuck with our new? Have we stayed away from our old? That's the hard part. We have such good intentions, and that's the easy part. Here are my top 10 favorite ways that I Self Help mySelf! Happy New Year everyone, may it be a bright, powerful, self-helping year for all! 1. Intention. As I said, that's the easy part. But by consciously intending your wishes, they really do come true. The key there, and everywhere, is consciousness, mindfulness. Without it we forget the keys on our way to the car, we trip over our own feet, and we simply don't connect to the source that guides us, so we stumble along w