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Helpful for Gmail Users: New Tabs, how to move emails you want, or eliminate the nuisance altogether

Reprinted from the Shift Network If you're a Gmail user, you may have noticed a new "tabbed inbox" system that is being phased in now and we wanted to give you a quick update about it so you can continue receiving all the exciting and transformative offerings you've come to the Shift Network for. Basically, Google has split your inbox into 5 separate inboxes and created tabs across the top labeling each "Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. The problem is... they've also decided that THEY, not YOU, get to choose which emails go into which new inbox tab, unless you tell them otherwise. What does that mean? A lot of emails you've asked to receive will end up under the tab marked Promotions, even though they're valuable content and you've specifically asked to get them. Pretty much all emails from bloggers and other websites and people you subscribe to are being lumped into the "Promotions" inbox automatically, where you may