Thursday, July 1, 2010

Joan's Gluten Free Great Bakes

It's no wonder this company has the word "great" in the business's name; I've been sampling their products for over a week now and am astonished, truly taken aback, that they are actually gluten free.

We've ordered Joan's everything bagel, plain bagel, and english muffins, all with great texture, perfect substituted-flour ratio, and delicious flavor; and after a year of being off these favorite glutenous baked goods, it's sure awesome to have them back!

What makes Joan's goods unique is that they arrive frozen in a dry-ice container and are only partially baked (if at all?), so you are instructed to let them defrost (or nuke-defrost) and bake them for twenty minutes at 425. This way you're not toasting and reabaking the bagel or muffin (and reducing the quality of their texture in my opinion), you're actually getting hot, fresh baked goods right from your own oven.

Other than Udi's bread, I haven't found anything that actually tastes like homemade glutenous bread. Although I've been off gluten for over a year now and might be biased in forgetting what "real" bread tastes like, Joan's passed the test of the non-GF's in the house as well, which is always the final test!

A truly amazing find, a big thanks to Mamma Jehn and Joan Popkin for going the extra mile in getting them in time for us to try! They also survived the trip back to Colorado in my carry-on, staying frozen for most of the day, and tasting fine out of the freezer a few days later.

Joan not only offers bagels and muffins, but pizza, breads, cornbread, cookies and rolls as well. For more on Joan's Gluten Free Great Bakes, visit their website at

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