Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DIY After-Sun lotion

One thing I love about summer is the after-sun lotion we make ourselves. It's very refreshing, super easy to make, and it works like a charm. If I do burn (but since I've been using Avalon Organics sunblock I haven't) and I use our after-sun lotion, the redness is gone by midnight.

The key ingredient is Lavender. So splurge. Buy a big bottle from a distributor if you can afford it, because you'll use most of the standard 5-8 ml bottle on this recipe alone, and it's so good for so many other things! But first and foremost Lavender is a proven cure-all for burns; 1st through 3rd degree burns improve and clear up within hours, cutting overall healing time in fractions.

Second on importance is a clean base. I use Desert Organics Lavender lotion because it's free of parabens, sulfates, and other fragrances, but you can use a plain lotion too so long as it's clean and all-natural.

Third, aloe. My father always used aloe when we were in Florida during my childhood, I remember him peeling vividly and getting rid of the peel with aloe. After that I always bought aloe for burns, but by itself aloe won't lift the burn, just heal your skin.

Last we add other essential oils that help with burns, cooling, and soothing sore skin: peppermint for cooling, rosemary for tightening, chamomile for dryness, and lemongrass for toning and antiseptic as well as that fresh summer scent!

The official recipe: 8 oz bottle
3 oz lavender lotion
3 oz aloe gel
.5 oz vitamin E oil (can substitute avocado oil)
10-15 drops lavender (plus 5-10 more if using plain lotion)
5 drops of chamomile and lemongrass each
3 drops of peppermint and rosemary each

My favorite store-bought version for those of you with little or no time to DIY, visit Little Moon Essential Oils and look for "Lift Off Lotion," keeping in mind that DIY is always way cheaper.

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