Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A February free of...

Welcome February! I am embarking on a month with the theme of free. I have tried gluten free. Dairy free. Grain free. Sugar free. Alcohol free. Caffeine free. But I rarely try them all at once - I like the old adage "everything in moderation," although there are times when I do adopt all of that. At once. For months. I know, that's crazy talk. But I felt amazing. I was pain free. Insomnia free. Worry free.

So now is that time again. After the holidays, and then another month of "I'm kind of being good" with my diet (not the weight loss kind of diet, but my clean eating regime) while on the road, I figured February was a good (short) month to get back on track.

I am committing to cutting all of those things out, while adding in a daily workout of any kind (from just walking to cross country skiing), a morning and midday smoothie with my Complete protein
Today's smoothie:
Pumpkin, cranberry, soymilk,
flax, hemp seeds, and Complete
powder, a dinner prior to 6pm with mostly vegetables, 90 ounces of water, a daily reflection (journal, meditation, yoga), and asleep by 10pm.

The root of this practice comes from our company's commitment to health, and Dr. Mitra Ray's creation of the Transform 30 program. The millennials condensed that to a 10 day version (Shred10), and our health coach team commits to one Shred10 per month. This always helps me stay on track because I know I'm getting at least 10 days a month with a good system. If you want a group to join and start some healthy habits with, comment below. Our mission is to #takehealthyback with our #healthylivingrevolution, because we're sick and tired of seeing people sick and tired.

I know personally when I commit to this healthy regimen I feel so much more alive and ready to take on the world! I hope this inspires you to do the same! 

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