Friday, March 11, 2016

Raw, vegan lifestyle isn't just for crazies anymore

60 days off sugar and counting. . .

Being off refined sugar (dairy, gluten, meat, and booze) has forced me to explore the web horizon for recipes and new ways to satisfy old tastes. Like any addict, I'm sure my sugar addition will always be with me, but my taste buds have certainly opened up to nature's options and I'm loving it.

I attended a birthday party last Saturday and was excited to try to improve upon a pie dish a friend brought over for Valentines Day (thank you for the inspiration Elissa!). The first one I tried was good, but not stellar (although the crust really was amazing), and for a once-addict, when it comes to pie, I'm pretty picky.

So I sought out an expert. And I found Emily Von Euw's This Rawsome Vegan Life blog/book/website, and tried the Blueberry Tart "ice cream" - although it's shaped like pie.

It was DELICIOUS. And I feel reborn. It's amazing to me that we have gotten so far removed from nature that we've forgotten we can use simple ingredients like this to make something delicious.

See Emily's site for the full recipe, but here are my pictures from the process. It got not only rave approvals from the ladies at the birthday, but also from my husband, who is still eating Kit Kats and Girl Scout Cookies nightly mind you... 

... and his favorite is Tirimisu so I feel aptly challenged to make a raw version from Emily's vast recipe resource next time it's time to celebrate him... 

There are a lot of other experts out there - - and it's awesome there are. It shows that living raw isn't difficult, and even if you just try it out for a week or two - you may get hooked.  It may even save your life. 

I was already eating very clean prior to removing sugar - sans dairy, gluten, meat, processed foods... so if you are the same, and fooling yourself as I was that you're a "healthy" eater, try cutting out sugar for a month. Or two.

It's revolutionary.

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