Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hypothyroidism affects 45 million of you

My lesson learned in the last four years is that only YOU will advocate the most for your health. Only YOU know your body best. Know when something is wrong, despite negative tests, medical brush-offs, and a lot of "yeah I have that too, nothing helps." Keep searching for the answer, because healing is within your power, and starts from within.

30 million women and 15 million men are affected by a low thyroid - known as hypothyroidism - caused by toxic environments, stress, and a poor food system.

Four or five years ago (lost track) my the symptoms started with swollen, painful joints, which lead to the discovery of a gluten intolerance, so I cut out wheat, but the symptoms eventually returned about a year later. So then I cut out all grains, then sugar, then caffeine. Nothing made me feel better, just deprived. I was put on Vitamin D. Vitamin B. Nettles. Apple Cider Vinegar. Probiotics. Nothing made me feel better, just over medicated. I tried more exercise, but I was always tired. I even ran my first 5K this spring, but hated every minute of the training. At some point - 18 months ago? - I became addicted to caffeine because nothing else worked. (Surely that made my adrenals worse.) I looked closely at my dental health and had a bad tooth removed. Finally, my periods stopped a decade too early.

During this time, in addition to my general practitioner, I saw an acupuncturist, a naturopath, an ayurvedic doctor, and finally a biontologist. After a year of seeing her and dissecting every symptom, my Biontologist told me to get my thyroid tested - but not the normal test they do - test Free T3 and Free T4 she said. So I did. They were way low. Finally we are connecting the dots. I see a specialist next week but already I feel like I'm on the road to recovery and I hope by posting this, you already are too.

Check your symptoms and start to plan the road to recovery: 

Try holistic methods: 
Armour Thyroid

And if you don't want to go natural, read the warnings about the drugs , Thyrolar and Synthroid to decide if doing the western way is right for you.