Sunday, December 1, 2013

Photos in Steamboat

Steamboat's regional population is around 18,000, and in the peak weeks of tourist season, the occupancy is doubled. For those 20-40 thousand people, there are seemingly as many photographers - as any gorgeous natural beauty attracts - who are gunning for your business.

Personally, I don't advertise my services; I let word of mouth lead the right people to me. I have a full time job that I adore, and I let photography - a lifelong passion - remain a hobby so it remains a passion. Needless to say, people do find me.  When I search Steamboat Photographers on Google, I don't come up, so I'm not sure how clients do find me, but I'm thankful they do. Whether it's by referral or by synchronicity, it always seems the fun people find me. The quaint weddings, the surprise engagements at Fish Creek, the happy newborn twins, the large Florida families with matching t-shirts; those are the calls I get, and I love it. I offer my services part time to one small realty group, and I volunteer my camera skills for the two non profits my husband and I work for, STARS, and YVSC. All of this keeps me busy enough for a side job!

Triptych of family photos

It feels like I've always had a camera in my hand; since I can remember cameras have been a part of my life. My grandfathers both took our family portraits every year - Grandpa Ed running from the tripod to the gaggle of Hacks in Illinois is one of my oldest memories. My dad had his camera always, too - I vividly remember mom and I picking out his new camera strap, lined with a hundred tennis rackets; every event, recital, and vacation documented in albums that line their basement bookshelves.

So when I don't have a camera, I feel naked - thank God for modern technology. Everything is a photograph to me - from dinner out to a walk on the bike path, the way the world glows around me must be captured. For me, if it was all families, all food, or all philanthropy, it would get old quick. I am inspired by change, and as with most photographers, I am continually inspired by nature, by love, by beauty.

I feel blessed to do what I do. It's a good life. Thank you Steamboat!

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