Monday, June 18, 2012

New SCD chef blogs

I've found some amazing blogs out there that I thought to share, as I've found some great recipes here after 6 months on the SCD diet and getting bored with the few staple things I make weekly (granola, muffins, yogurt and smoothies, cottage cheese), salads, and restrictions.  I am craving bread again. And due to my latest class and needing to lead by example, I am losing my interest in meat's low vibrational energy.  So I went on the hunt for recipes that were grain free and meat free. I know, I know, what the heck does that leave? Well, I found some excellent options.

I have found kindred spirits out there in these blogs, and know if you're reading this, you are one too. Enjoy!
Love this girl! Fish tacos! Meringue Cookies! Bread! Pizza! Yes. There's a lot there to love.
Grain free, sugar free, and vegan chocolate brownie cupcakes. OMG.
Educational too - a list of where grains are hiding (life was so simple when I was just gluten free!)
While this site isn't as restrictive, the vegan and grain free sections are great (I just wish it had less ads)
Eggplant chips, waffles, creme brulee. YUM.
Same with this one, you have to sift through the gluten recipes, but look for the banana bread!
Ditto again, but OMG Lasagna!

I hope this helps you get creative, my juices are stirring and I'm excited to branch out while I push through another 6 months on this crazy diet!