Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Self Help Helps

Self helping yourself is a January tradition; as far back as I can remember at least, we've been making new years resolutions... with hopes to learn something new, live a healthier life, or clear something out. We diet, start jogging, quit smoking, learn a new language, listen to gurus, and we change; or we try to. All in one month. When February comes have we stuck with our new? Have we stayed away from our old? That's the hard part. We have such good intentions, and that's the easy part. Here are my top 10 favorite ways that I Self Help mySelf!

Happy New Year everyone, may it be a bright, powerful, self-helping year for all!

1. Intention. As I said, that's the easy part. But by consciously intending your wishes, they really do come true. The key there, and everywhere, is consciousness, mindfulness. Without it we forget the keys on our way to the car, we trip over our own feet, and we simply don't connect to the source that guides us, so we stumble along without meaning or purpose. Setting Intention can be as simple as writing something down, or as complex as creating a manifestation board, but either way, INTEND for it to happen, and it will.

2. Exercise. Second easiest self helper is some fresh air. If I'm feeling stuck in my creativity, I make a quest out into the woods to reconnect to my source for inspiration. It's easy to get cooped up in the winter; too many layers, too many excuses. But even a 15 minute stroll to the nearest mailbox to drop off your bills can help clear your head and give you more energy. It clears depression, gives you strength, and recharges the fuel line. Don't underestimate some good old fashion therapy. Physical therapy. Don't forget to stretch (yoga!).

3. The Bath. Salts, essential oils, steam, soothing sounds, and some hot, hot, water will take away pretty much all of my worries in one fell swoop. Granted I have a nice big bathtub in the large, green sanctuary of my own private bathroom, but even a soak in a jacuzzi at the rec center can ease your mind a little. Epsom salt eases the muscles, essential oils can ease anything, the steam eases my lungs, and the experience Helps my entire Self for at least a day. If you want to learn about what oils to use in your bath this winter, listen to miss Heather's podcast this Friday January 8th (and archived if you read this later) from AromaPharmica. She's gooooood.

4. The Dali Lama. This is another easy one for me. Just looking at this man makes me smile, his warmth and loving spirit exuding from his every cell. Listening to his podcasts eases my mind. And watching his videos is the complete transformation. For days I'm thinking, and what does this mean, and God that plant is beautiful.

5. Other Gurus. Wayne Dyer's Power of Intention (hence #1). David Hawkin's Truth vs. Falsehood. Gary Renard's Disappearance of the Universe. I prefer science to metaphysics, which is why Hawkins appeals to me. Find your own gurus; my friend Phoebe recommends The Serpent of Light. I intend to read that soon. :)

6. Writing. Whether it's silly poetry or blathering journaling I'll never let anyone read, writing during a self transformation is always cathartic. Sometimes I'll even burn it. But if there's no one to talk to, or even if there is, writing is a way to get it out. Feel safe in your writing. Don't tell yourself "I can't write," or think someone will read this. Just write.

7. Reading. This should probably be further up the list, but for the lack of time, it's just not. But reading does slow me down in that good way. If it's the right book that is, it calms my brain and makes me think from the perspective of someone else, throwing off the monkey mind and making him sit still for however long I can allow myself to read. This is the key, I feel. When I allow myself to just do nothing, whether it's the bath or a book, I feel my vibration lift and my immunes strengthen. Relaxation is the cure to many ailments.

8. Massage. Also should be higher up the list, but for the cost of them, it's just not either. Of course everyone knows massage relaxes you, but the actual movement of the tissue, relocating and eliminating pockets of frustration and tenseness, is curing as well. Where acupuncture, chiropracty, and other targeted healing techniques will cure, massage for me is different, especially when it comes from someone conscious in their love-energy.

9. Crying. Everyone woman says, "there's nothing like a good cry." She's right. I wish more men understood this concept, the world wouldlikely be a more peaceful place. Sometimes when you're just backed into a corner or everything seems to be crashing down; when you've made the wrong decision or you've missed an opportunity, there's nothing to but have a cry, get it out, and move on. During the cry I always feel like I might never stop crying, it often hurts worse for a few minutes, maybe because I'm gasping for air. :) But then it always fades, and within an hour I always feel like whatever problem I was crying about is miniscule.

10. Screaming. Not very high on my list obvsiouly, but sometimes locking myself in my car and just screaming does the same thing, if not better, than the cry does. Usually because the screaming either turns to crying or laughing, or both.